Science and U: Authentic Scientific Inquiry Must Return

Dr. Weiping Yu returns with another segment of Science and Yu. The renowned physicist comments on NASA’s proposed mission to Venus; the nutritional causes of diseases and comorbidities; the innate ability of puppies to socialize with humans; and the need to develop free-flowing scientific inquiry amid increasing religiosity.

Science and U: New Radio Emissions from Venus

The show’s chief science advisor, Dr. Weiping Yu, returns with more Science and U. The renowned physicist comments on the news that the solar probe Parker detects natural radio emission from Venus. What technological possibilities can we foresee when we look at the UFO phenomenon? Is gravity a double copy of other forces? Listen to […]

Dr Yu on Venus Signs of Life, Dark Matter, Jeff Deist on Nashville Officials Withholding COVID Numbers

Science and U is back! Dr. Weiping Yu starts by commenting on the Hubble telescope revealing new aspects of dark matter. What exactly is dark matter? Dr. Yu has a radical and startling explanation. What is ‘space’ and ‘matter?’ Is there a possibility of life on Venus? Listen to the entire episode to find out. […]