We Are All Daniel McAdams

David Gornoski comments on the media’s overlooking of Nazi symbology on Ukrainian soldiers, the Left’s obsession with Trump, how Fauci became the highest-paid public servant, the legacy media’s version of democracy, Daniel McAdams going viral thanks to an Indian news anchor, the consequence of a pig heart transplanted into a human being, how neocons won’t […]

Col. Douglas Macgregor: What’s Going on in the Russia-Ukraine War?

Why in the world should we listen to the same media that lied about the pandemic but now claims to tell the truth about the war in Ukraine? Joining David Gornoski for this episode is Col. Douglas Macgregor who talks about conservative media taking the war bait again, the effects of banning Russian oil import, […]

The Strange Pivot From Pandemic to Putin

[Video contains both hours. Skip past 45 minutes for the second hour.] Tho Bishop of the Mises Institute calls in to talk about the Melinda and Bill Gates fiasco over Jeffrey Epstein; the atmosphere at CPAC; the resurgence of neocons; the strange media pivot from the Pandemic to Putin; the attempt to destroy the US […]

Pandemic and Nutrition Myths on the Decline

[Video contains both hours. Skip past 45 minutes for hour 2.] David Gornoski highlights the decline of meritocracy in America thanks to a nihilistic ruling elite. What did Ron DeSantis say about masks? Why aren’t conservatives talking about our government’s role in Big Pharma’s unethical practices? Tucker Goodrich joins the show to comment on the […]

Media Ecology in Pandemic and War

[Video contains both hours. Skip past 45 minutes for hour 2.] David Gornoski is joined by investigative journalist James Martinez and they discuss the stagnation of progress with state worship; how mediums affect information; how groupthink is formed by the daily news; pandemic programming; the weaponizing of words and communication; and more. Listen to James […]

The Left Is Dick Cheney in Drag

Why are we all of a sudden supposed to care what happens in Ukraine? “The Left is now Dick Cheney in drag,” says David Gornoski as he takes apart the Biden administration’s drumming for war. Why was Nick Searcy’s interview on the List canceled? What could possibly benefit the public by the CDC’s covering up […]

The Attack on Democracy in Canada

The Mises Institute‘s Jeff Deist starts the episode by talking about his favorite President, Jimmy Carter. Joining Deist for this episode is Canadian politician Maxime Bernier who offers his insights on Trudeau’s emergency declaration and how democracy is on the verge of crumbling in Canada. How will Canada’s parliament vote on the emergency? Listen to […]

Our Inability to See Rising Totalitarianism

[Video contains both hours. Skip past 45 minutes for hour 2.] David Gornoski comments on the news of arrests happening in Ottawa at the truckers protest; how the Left projects themselves on their opponents; economic and cultural stagnation through perpetual war and the nanny state; DC’s silence on the emergency in Canada, freedom being dismissed […]

Why the Trudeau Regime Will Fail

The Mises Institute’s Tho Bishop calls in to talk about how a BLM activist was bailed after a failed assassination attempt; the Canadian government’s persecution of the Truckers; the average American’s disillusionment over the corporate media; and more.

January 6 Pipebomb Revelation

[Video contains both hours. Skip past 45 minutes for hour 2.] Has Jordan Peterson caved in to the establishment with his latest remarks on the truckers’ protest? Is the GiveSendGo hacker “independent” as legacy media claims? Has the Hispanic community in Florida changed their minds on the Democratic Party? Is science connected to sacrificial rituals? […]