THINGS HIDDEN 108: Father Turbo Qualls on Embracing Christ Through Suffering and Martyrdom

David Gornoski sits down with the returning Fr. Turbo Qualls of the Royal Path podcast for a conversation on the spirit of revolution; the chastisement of God; whether carrying our crosses enables more oppression; the calling of the African-American community; the fine line between self-worship and martyrdom; why we should embrace suffering; the spiritual implications […]

Anthropology Through the Eyes of a Landscaper

Jordan, a landscaper from Florida, guest hosts this episode and he dives deep into how Rene Girard changed the outlook on his relationships with those close to him. How can we learn to breathe life in times of stress? How can we create art and live joyfully through suffering? How do we renew ourselves daily […]

Alec Klein: Why do Innocent People Go to Prison?

Can someone be put behind bars without presenting an injured party? Why do the innocents suffer injustice and what sense can we make of their suffering? Alec Klein, best-selling author and award-winning journalist, joins David Gornoski to talk about the tough situations faced by inmates during this pandemic and his upcoming book Aftermath, which tells […]