When Power Replaces Personhood

“Once you say human beings are expendable… it always devolves into tyrannical laws that create mirroring tyrannical crowds.” Join David Gornoski as he offers some interesting insights relating to mankind’s thirst for power, particularly in the field of politics. Plus, David comments on Big Tech censorship and the reactions of various world leaders; the real model behind corporate media; the assumption that more regulations can fix problems; eliminating disease with the right nutrition; and more.

Berdyaev vs Slavery

David Gornoski starts the episode with a reflection on the work of Russian existential thinker Nikolai Berdyaev. People are increasingly being treated like machines, David says, giving rise to the erasure of personhood. David then shifts subject to the new fascism of government-corporate alliance which is emerging in our time. “Joe Biden has been wearing a mask for fifty years,” David says. Should we put our faith in such a person? Should Section 230 be modified or repealed? Listen to the full episode to find out and more.

Keeping America Fed

“It’s a myth that self-interest exists only in the private sector and not in the public sector.” David Gornoski sets the record straight on what a free market really is while deconstructing the media lies against the sacredness of the person. The best is yet to come, David says, but it won’t be done on autopilot. “If we don’t step up to become role models for our neighbors, we perpetuate the spiraling of blame games in our society.” Listen to the full episode for a stellar defense of voluntary trade, free interaction, and more.

Kanye Fights Back, Dan McCarthy on Biden vs Trump 2020

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“In a society where the person is not considered sacred, the person is expendable if enough people say it is.” David Gornoski starts the episode by reflecting on Kanye West’s tweet on abortion and the four Ds. Joining David is Daniel McCarthy, editor of Modern Age, to comment on Kanye’s remarks as well as the upcoming presidential election. Should the big tech censoring issue be handled at the federal level? What is the future of conservatism in America? Listen to the full episode to find out and more.

Reflections on Good Friday with Pastor Jim Fitzgerald

It’s time for some reflection on Good Friday, and pastor Jim Fitzgerald joins David Gornoski to discuss his experience from his recent time spent in Egypt and Iraq and how people there are coping with the Covid-19 pandemic. Also, should we bother going to church? The question keeps popping up, especially in this age of Covid-19. Listen to Pastor Fitzgerald and David Gornoski tackle this question among other questions.

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Original airdate: April 10th, 2020

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Kerry Baldwin on Moral Panic

Should our freedoms be negotiable? Should our liberties be enjoyed only during good times and discarded in times such as the COVID-19 crisis? Government authorities want to use central coercion, top down solutions but in Jesus’ personhood revolution people imitate good role models and voluntarily lay down their lives for their neighbors. David Gornoski joins writer, speaker and independent researcher Kerry Baldwin to explore these topics as well as the psychological origins of moral panic, violence and scapegoating.

All this and more in this episode of A Neighbor’s Choice.

Original air date: 31st March 2020.

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