Pentagon’s Take on the Ukraine War, Florida Redistricting

Is there an internal struggle in the US government over the Ukraine war? Will the Oscars survive its rapidly declining ratings? In this episode, David Gornoski is joined by Florida rep. Anthony Sabatini who comments on Florida’s redistricting process fair, neocons drumming for an escalation of the Ukraine war, his race for congress, and more.

Sir Owen Analyzes Build Back Better

David Gornoski digs deep into past mainstream media reports of Big Pharma’s illegal activities, the same Big Pharma corporations that are now manufacturing the COVID vaccines to the same media’s delight. Plus, David Gornoski is joined by frequent guest and geopolitical analyst Sir Owen who highlights that now the entire corporate press is singing from […]

Escaping Our Barbarism

“Don’t let these people fool you that the nanny state has some kind of benevolence to it,” David Gornoski says as he highlights the coercive force of government and traces it to ancient sacrificial religion. Why are the Oscars crashing into irrelevance? Why are we polluting the environment with masks? Did Fauci flip-flop on masks […]