THINGS HIDDEN 103: Death to the World with Buck Johnson

David Gornoski sits down with Buck Johnson, the host of the Counterflow podcast, for a conversation on the origin of the Counterflow podcast, his conversion to Orthodoxy, spiritual discipline in firefighting, facing the spirit of the crowd, cultural changes in the new generation, from “death to tyrants” to “death to the world,” persecution, martyrdom, and […]

Fr. Demetrious: St. Peter Damascene’s Eight Types of Knowledge

Rev. Fr. Demetrious Glimidakis talks about bringing glory to God through various acts in our everyday lives. How do we see others through the eyes of God? How do we keep from falling into sensory deception? How do we get the knowledge and wisdom of God? Join Fr. Demetrious as he explores these questions through […]

Fr. Demetrious: Finding the Kingdom of Heaven & God’s Wisdom

Fr. Demetrious Glimidakis, priest of the St. Nectarios Orthodox Church in Lakeland, Florida, guest hosts this special episode. What does it mean when we hear that the kingdom of heaven is at home? How do we apply the Wisdom of God and His will to our everyday lives? How do we find the path that […]