Navigating Online Censorship, Drug Mandates in Taiwan

David Gornoski starts off the episode with a bombshell revelation on natural immunity and the mandated drugs. Joining David for this episode is Justin Lewis from the Freedom Support Network, who talks about how we can navigate through internet censorship and provide life-saving information. Is Taiwan under threat of being invaded by China? Is China […]

How the Mandated Drugs Destroy Our Immunity

David Gornoski starts the show by commenting on some of the news reports emerging from around the world surrounding Prince Andrew, January 6, Hillary Clinton, and more. What happened to the liberal Left that once railed against Big Pharma but now shills for Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, and Ratheon? Listen to the episode as David […]

Dr. Peter McCullough on the Omicron Variant

David Gornoski is joined by renowned cardiologist and outspoken critic of the decreed medicine, Dr. Peter McCullough. Dr. McCullough comments on Bill Gates’ remarks on the new variant and whether it is deadlier than previous variants; his Joe Rogan interview; the safety of the mandated drugs; pandemic simulations; the CDC’s neglecting of natural immunity; long […]