Science and U: Plasma Tubes Or Magnetic Field Lines?

Physicist Dr. Weiping Yu returned with some fresh analysis of news from the world of science. Are there giant plasma tubes floating above the Earth? What secrets does the universe have in store for us? What do we make of the latest discovery surrounding the milky way? Listen to the full segment to find out.

Science and U: Radio Signal in the Milky Way

David Gornoski begins the segment by responding to a listener’s email on what type of foods we can avoid to reduce vegetable oil consumption. Plus, physicist Dr. Weiping Yu joins David to comment on the latest science news. What is the “extraordinary” unknown radio signal that Astronomers have discovered coming from the Milky Way? Is […]

Science and U: Do Antibiotics Have Special Magnetic Properties?

Dr. Weiping Yu, the chief science advisor of A Neighbor’s Choice, returns with more Science and U. The physicist comments on the latest science news such as a new study claiming that the Earth tipped over on its side 84 million years ago and then righted itself; the discovery that Herbivore gut fungi produce unique […]