Healing Naturally, What Nicotine does to COVID, Detoxing Mercury with Dr. Carrie Berkovich

David Gornoski sits down with Dr. Carrie Berkovich for a conversation on how she got into natural medicine, the root causes of diseases, how victimhood prevents us from being healed, how nicotine is demonized, what cholesterol really is, how clothing material affects our bodies, the importance of the pineal gland, Wifi towers, pesticides in our […]

Science and U: Magnetic Storms on Mercury

The planet Mercury has magnetic storms, scientists claim. Join Dr. Weiping Yu, the show’s chief science advisor, as he unravels the mysteries of the universe and offers his insights on the latest news from the world of science. “The entire universe is driven by only one kind of particle,” Dr. Yu says. What is this […]

Science and U: Magnetism and Mercury

Dr. Weiping Yu returns with another refreshing segment of Science and U. The physicist talks about cellphone radiation causing cancer and how we can take steps to mitigate the risks. Dr. Yu also comments on the startling claim that magnetism, not cataclysm, may be the cause of Mercury’s giant iron core. What does this mean […]