THINGS HIDDEN 129: Kyle Clement on Demonic Possession, Spiritual Warfare

In this THINGS HIDDEN episode, David Gornoski sits down with Kyle Clement who has been involved in the facilitation and training of exorcists for the Roman Catholic Church for over fifteen years. David and Mr. Clement discuss the nature of spiritual warfare, why Jesus sent the “Legion” of Demons into pigs, the Jesuit order, America […]

THINGS HIDDEN 102: Mimetic Analysis of a Demonic Possession

David Gornoski is joined by Jordan Landfear and Surit Dasgupta for a discussion of Fr. Malachi Martin’s popular book Hostage to the Devil. Are the exorcism stories true? What does the first case in Fr. Martin’s book signify for our time? Can those who get demonically possessed resist evil? Listen to the full podcast to […]