Science and U: Dr. Yu and Scott Adams on Loserthink

In this classic Science and U interview that aired on November 7, 2019, David Gornoski and Dr. Weiping Yu are joined by Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert comic strip and author of Loserthink. In Loserthink Scott Adams argues that untrained brains are ruining America. How is this phenomenon occurring? “It takes some humility to understand what other people are thinking, so it’s better to just concentrate on what they’re doing.” How does Loserthink relate to groupthink? Listen to the full episode for an exciting conversation on thinking outside the box in physics, medicine, psychology, mass media, Kanye West, and more.

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Matt Ridley on How Innovation Works, Tesla vs Edison, the Problem with Patents

Dr. Matt Ridley, Zoologist, acclaimed author, and member of the House of Lords, joins David Gornoski to discuss his new book ‘How Innovation Works.’ David and Dr. Ridley explore the reality behind Tesla vs Edison, the problem with patents, how government retards progress, how medicine and cures are hampered by regulations, and why the future may be much better than the present.

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Dr. Robert Epstein Exposes Google Election Interference and Manipulation

Former Editor in Chief of Psychology Today, Dr. Robert Epstein, Harvard PhD, joins us to talk about his stunning work on Google and social media manipulation and election interference. Even the simplest search results, Dr. Epstein claims, can dramatically shift the election in favor of one candidate. “Seventy percent of the YouTube videos people watch are just handed to them by Google.” Also brought up in the interview are YouTube’s censoring tactics and the tech company’s history of silencing dissident voices. Listen to the full episode for an unpacking of social media’s darkest secrets and more.

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Jon Miltimore On Socialism And Cuomo’s Nursing Home Policy

FEE managing editor Jon Miltimore joins David Gornoski to discuss Andrew Cuomo’s disastrous nursing home policy and its failure in protecting the elderly from the COVID-19 virus. The conversation starts with the search for a grand narrative and then moves to the question of socialism and the false assumption that Jesus was a socialist. The two also tackle a much deeper topic of rights, free will, and its relationship to virtue, which our society often ignores and due to which ideologies such as Marxism emerge.

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Unholy Profits

What if Galileo had been asked to spend millions to prove his claim? Host David Gornoski explains how the government’s patenting practices have proved to be an enormous and sinful hurdle in fighting the COVID-19 virus. “But free markets hurt families,” say the naysayers. David Gornoski disagrees. “I see a society that has mutated from solidarity with one another into defacto attempts to rule over the other.” If we courageously extend God’s respect for free will to our neighbor, all things will fall in place. Listen to the whole episode as David provides an epic anthropological and spiritual argument for free-market choices.

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Dr. Wilfred Reilly takes on the Media Narrative

Let’s analyze the statistics on the pandemic. Professor Wilfred Reilly from Kentucky State University challenges the media narrative on COVID-19 and tells us that it’s going to be voluntary choices and not the forceful engineering of society that will save us from this crisis. Dr. Reilly also compares the death rates of the states that haven’t imposed major lockdowns versus the states that have and finds some surprising results. Also, did the virus really originate from a lab in Wuhan? Listen to the full episode for Dr. Reilly’s response and more.

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Lessons from India and David Lynch with the Surfing Violinist

Should humanity be robbed from life-saving information just because the information doesn’t align with the political ideologies of silicon valley? Listen to David Gornoski as he unleashes on the censoring undertaken by YouTube and other social media sites. Also, Ford Seeuws, known as the Surfing Violinist on YouTube, joins us to reflect on lessons from India and the films of David Lynch.

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Original airdate: May 1, 2020

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Dr. Yu Takes on Physics Myths and Mysteries

A full 2 hour tour of science mysteries and mythbusting!

Dr. Weiping Yu joins David Gornoski for Thursday’s Science and U edition of A Neighbor’s Choice.
Together they explore their research on Z-Pak, cancer, the Covid-19 virus, as well as black holes, how LED lights work, gravity, and more!

All this and more on A Neighbor’s Choice!
Original airdate: April 9th, 2020

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Slaying the Sacred Cows in DC

Fake News is dissected, groupthink is slain, and sacred cows destroyed in this 2-hour extravaganza for liberty, innovation, and personhood.

Host David Gornoski takes you on a roller coaster ride through toxic groupthink in politics and regulatory bureaucracy to real freedom and radical transformation of society by helping your neighbor next door. Also in the show, Brad Smith, a retired businessman, joins David Gornoski to discuss through his experience how bureaucracy can often be a hurdle to free-market values.

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Original airdate: April 6th, 2020

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Reject the False Gods in DC

In this mega Monday edition of the show, host David Gornoski contemplates and illustrates, with real-life examples, on how we can break away from groupthink and gain the courage to innovate and come up with radical solutions that would enable us to help and protect our neighbors.

Can we rely on ‘the right’ political candidates to fix things for us? Can we rely on dishonest mainstream media and corrupt political establishments? No, we can’t. It’s up to us to get things done! David Gornoski explains how we can have much better alternatives by looking outside broken institutions, crowdsourcing the right ideas, and finding citizen journalists that tell the truth rather than out of touch agendas.

Also, in the interview with Dr. Michael Lisanti, we learned how generic antibiotics can destroy senescent cells which act as host receptors for COVID-19. David Gornoski expands on Dr. Lisanti’s findings and its surprising implications on the world of medicine and virology.

All this and more on A Neighbor’s Choice!
Original airdate: March 30th, 2020

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