Seed Oil Survival: Tucker Goodrich on Phytosterols, Satiety

What are phytosterols and why should we care about them? Can phytosterols be completely avoided if we stop consuming seed oils? What is satiety and how can we understand it better? What are some misconceptions about losing weight? Listen to the full show as Tucker Goodrich answers these questions and more. Check out Tucker’s blog […]

Rep. Anthony Sabatini on Vaccine Passports, Tucker Goodrich on Seed Oils Impact

David Gornoski is joined by Florida Rep. Anthony Sabatini who comments on Ron DeSantis’ banning of vaccine passports in Florida. Also, nutritional researcher Tucker Goodrich calls in to talk about the disastrous effects of seed oil consumption. Will DeSantis’ executive order be respected by the federal government? How is the growth of vegetable and seed […]

“We Don’t Want a Reset, We Need to Press Start,” Assessing the 2020 Election with Curt Mills

David Gornoski starts the show by getting into a problem not unusual for many Americans going into the next week: the moral conundrum of voting. Can we shrink into the voting crowd and have politicians take the things we haven’t worked hard for? “We don’t want a ‘reset,’” David says, “we need to press start.” […]