Captives Set Free! Rufus Rochell Reunites with Brother Rick Williams

David Gornoski starts the episode with a reflection on the news of the Mayfair mall shooting in Wisconsin. “The problem with many today is that they see institutions or ideologies as more sacred than human life.” David is joined by Rufus Rochell, a friend of the show, and the two break the story that Rufus’ brother Richard Williams has received clemency from President Trump. Richard tells us about how he was indicted unjustly on drug conspiracy charges and how, after a long struggle, he was able to finally come home.

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Erin Haney: Reform in Probation and Parole

In this episode, David Gornoski and co-host Chelsea Murphy are joined by Erin Haney, lawyer and Policy Director at Reform Alliance. Erin talks about a variety of topics related to criminal justice reform, particularly the stumbling blocks for prisoners under community supervision. “Unfortunately, it really is such a broken system and what ends up happening is that people live in such terror, that they’re going to be sent to prison literally for being late to a meeting.” Erin suggests that reforms be made in probation and parole, such as the inclusion of remote reporting.

Angela Stanton-King: Setting the Captives Free

In this classic interview from October 21, 2019, David Gornoski is joined by criminal justice advocate Angela Stanton-King. The two discuss the successes that came from President Trump’s First Step Act; the Christian case for setting the captives free; the need to provide redemption to first-time non-violent offenders; the folly of creating violence through prohibition and black markets; and more. Also in this episode, David comments extensively on the Russiagate scandal, the green energy scam, and the scapegoating of Tulsi Gabbard.

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The Future of Criminal Justice

With Joe Biden alleged to be the successor to President Trump, what lies in store when it comes to criminal justice reformation. Join David Gornoski? Chelsea Murphy, and conservative justice reform advocate David Safavian as they discuss how conservatives can fight for justice reform under a Biden presidency. How can we help former offenders integrate into society with clean slates? Also in the show, CAN-DO Clemency’s Amy Povah calls in to highlight the story of Charles Scott, who is currently serving a 51 years prison sentence. Joining Amy to expand on Charles’ situation is Dorian Bandy, Charles’ girlfriend, and Saraya Scott, Charles’ sister, who are appealing for his clemency.

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Democrats Become the Party of Cages and Bombs, Brett Tolman on Criminal Justice Reform

“The Free Press has freely pressed any notion of freedom in our society.” David Gornoski starts the show by offering a stinging criticism of the Joe Biden and Kamala Harris campaign and policy agendas, especially with regards to their anti-health, pro-war, and anti-justice intentions. “Too many people are being set free,” David says, “and the party of bombs and cages want vengeance.” Also in this episode, David and Chelsea Murphy are joined by former US attorney turned criminal justice reformer Brett Tolman for a conversation on the urgent need for a fair justice system that is not driven by political parties trying to outdo each other. The three also highlight the disastrous failure that is the war on drugs.

How to Get Presidential Clemency with John Bolen and Charles Tanner

In this episode, David Gornoski and Amy Povah are joined by John Bolen and Charles “Duke” Tanner, both non-violent first-time offenders who were serving life sentences and now pardoned by President Trump. Charles Tanner, former undefeated boxer, and John Bolen recount their past experiences and how they are looking forward to the new chapters of their lives. Listen to the full episode for two moving stories of injustice, hope, and redemption.

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Are you optimistic about your future?

Should we be optimistic about our long-term future? Join David Gornoski for another exciting episode as he presents the case of why should be optimistic despite the bombardment of bad news around us. Jesus said the nations will be judged by their treatment of the hungry, the sick, the prisoner, and the stranger. How do we care for those whom Jesus referred to as ‘the least of these?’ Should we take the Karl Marx approach of redistribution through state coercion or should we voluntarily imitate Jesus? Listen to the full episode as David Gornoski explains how our future is intrinsically tied to how we treat our neighbors.

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Detective John Baeza on the Rayshard Brooks Shooting

Former NYPD detective John Baeza calls in to comment on the disbanding of plainclothes officers in New York City and the Wendy’s police shooting in Atlanta. Detective Baeza believes that the disbanding has nothing to do with reform and more to do with pandering to certain interest groups. On the Rayshard Brooks shooting, Baeza brings some attention to what would have happened if the stolen taser was used on the police officer charged with the murder. “As an officer are you supposed to stand there, get tased, and then have your gun exposed for someone to come and take it away?” Listen to the full episode as detective Baeza expertly breaks down this incident and more.

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Holli Houghton and Rufus Rochell: Set the Captives Free

Contrary to the claims of the SJWs of corporate McWokeism, we have a real justice issue in this country which involves actual flesh and blood. Rufus Rochell returns to the show to shine a light on this pressing issue of our time. Holli Houghton, public defender and author of True Injustice, is another victim of the criminal justice system who joins David Gornoski and together they discuss the grim reality behind mass incarcerations, what defense attorneys have to contend with in court, and what non-violent prisoners have to go through in federal prisons. Listen to the full episode for all this and more.

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Truth is Like an Orchestra

How do we break free from the half-truths of mimetic rivalry? “There is meaning, truth, and right and wrong,” says David Gornoski as he dismisses relativism and brings attention to humanity’s addiction to power. David comments on the news around CHAZ in Seattle and points to how we are always forced into worshipping one person and hating the other. “When your whole frame is wrapped up in this aggressive assertion of violence you’ve lost the ability to dialogue.” Listen to the full episode as David Gornoski helps us to see past artificial constructs and reach for the truth that requires no violence to hide it.

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