Should Christians Be Voting For Pro-Choice Republicans? (Appearance on the Iron Disciples Podcast)

David Gornoski sits down at the Iron Disciples Podcast to discuss Trump and Kari Lake’s remarks on Arizona’s abortion ban. Are Republicans “pro-life” as they claim? Can the Church take back marriage from the state? How should politics and the Church interact? Why did God create the universe? Check out the Iron Disciples Podcast here.

THINGS HIDDEN 179: Why You Are a Puppet and How to Cut the Strings

David Gornoski appears on the Iron Disciples podcast to expand on Rene Girard’s Mimetic Theory. He also talks about the therapeutic state, why women feel the vibe of the cross, how we can eliminate the state’s monopoly on marriage, and more. Check out the Iron Disciples podcast here.

THINGS HIDDEN 152: Should Christians Stay Out of Politics? (with Iron Disciples)

David Gornoski appears on the Iron Disciples podcast to discuss whether Christians should seek to influence the domain of politics, and if yes, how they should go about it. Also among the topics discussed are: How does Mimetic Theory help us understand social cohesion? How can Jesus’ church reclaim marriage from secular institutions? When is […]

THINGS HIDDEN 128: Scapegoating and Violence (Iron Disciples Interview)

David Gornoski recently appeared on the Iron Disciples podcast. Show description: “Points on recognizing Christian scapegoating and other furtive habits of the church were discussed. David has a fundamental approach that brings the abstract Jesus into a more vital incarnation- all this without dismissing the abstract but honing the focus to appropriate action and progress […]