Unveiling the State Religion

David Gornoski comments on the news of FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith pleading guilty in the ongoing Russiagate scandal. Is it possible that the establishment cannot stand President Trump because he dares to question the narrative on DC’s favorite bogeymen, i.e. Russia and North Korea? Nuclear powers at each other’s throats, racial tension, and pandemic crackdowns, is this the establishment’s “new normal?” “We have to be vigilant against this dying, old establishment media that wants to preserve its religious authority,” warns David as he urges us to bind ourselves together, not around violence against non-violent people, but around the sacredness of the human person. Listen to the entire episode to discover how the key to fighting Caesar and injustice is to imitate Jesus.

President Trump Holds a Bible at St. John’s Church

“If we’re going to imitate the Master of history then we’re going to have a conversation.” Using the Bible as a political prop isn’t right, David Gornoski says, but we also shouldn’t be bombing innocents abroad and perpetuate starvation by sanctioning. “If we’re going to imitate Jesus let us apply the imitation to all aspects.” David passionately argues that imitation of Christ means the rejection of team-warfare set up by the status quo. We need to stop telling half-truths and tell the entire truth. Listen to the full episode for David’s epic monologue on rejecting government indoctrination and embracing free discourse and Christlike compassion.

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Danny Sjursen on Honoring Our Fallen Soldiers

“One of the ways we get rid of the malaise in our society and culture is by ending forever wars.” Danny Sjursen, writer and war veteran, joins us to explain why war has become largely invisible to the people of our nation. “Memorial day to me feels like a wretched day in a lot of sense,” says Sjursen who also feels that the holiday has been mythologized to cover up for mass sacrifice perpetuated by the war machine. Sjursen also brings to attention the ongoing escalations with Iran, Venezuela, and elsewhere which he calls ‘pandemic opportunism.’ Listen to the full episode for an epic deconstruction of the sacrificial war machine, a clarion call to bring our troops home, and more on A Neighbor’s Choice.

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