Rebecca Bohman: Resources for New Homeschoolers

Rebecca Bohman, host of the Luminous Mind Podcast, calls in to discuss why homeschooling is a much better option for educating children as opposed to the indoctrination of public schools. Why are homeschoolers demonized by educational institutes such as Harvard? How do we discern what to teach and how to teach? Is it possible to educate children without coercion? Listen to the full episode for the answers and more.

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Corey DeAngelis: Time to Ban Private Schools?

Corey DeAngelis, Director of School Choice at Reason Foundation and Adjunct Scholar at Cato Institute, joins David Gornoski to discuss the news of teachers’ unions and the Democratic Socialists of America demanding a ban on private schools. Corey argues that the factory-model of public schools are failing in big ways while students in ‘micro-schools’ and homeschools are learning at an extraordinary rate. When families are choosing alternatives over government options, is this an example of McWokeism overplaying its hand? Listen to the full episode to find out and more.

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Dr. Yu on Anti-gravity and Magnetism, Jeff Deist on Masked Chaos

Dr. Weiping Yu, the show’s chief science officer, returns to comment on the news that the army is building an anti-gravity, water-purifying solar panel. What does Dr. Yu think about the discovery of new planets circling faraway suns? Does magnetism decay over time? Listen to the full podcast as Dr. Yu tackles the latest science news and questions.
Also joining the show is Mises Institute’s Jeff Deist who calls in to address the growing calls for socialism in this pandemic. Deist urges the new generation to take the vanguard for liberty and not fall into fatalism. “An alienated generation is ripe for succumbing to political lies.”

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Jeff Deist on What the West Can Learn and Dr. Yu on Parallel Universes

Jeff Deist returns to the show to discusses what the West can learn as it increasingly discards that which made it a beacon of hope for the world. Jeff and David also comment on some of the latest news regarding Mike Pence and Disney’s furloughing of its employees. On Science and U, Dr. Yu talks about the possible existence of parallel universes and the discovery of a new kind of asteroid. “In order to have a parallel universe you have to assume a different law,” says a skeptical Dr. Yu who later turns hopeful at the role of energy innovation in the brightening of humanity’s future. Listen to the full episode for some fascinating conversation on science, economy, and more.

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Blake Boles: Why Are You Still Sending Your Kids To School?

What do we do to make sure that future generations can think for themselves? How can we help teachers bring some creativity to the table? Blake Boles, author of ‘Why Are You Still Sending Your Kids To School?’, says that the answers lie in removing coercion from our education system. The discussion centers around the homeschooling movement, the history of the Sudbury Valleys Schools, the role of parents in education, his book, and more. Listen to the full episode for an in-depth conversation on education like no other!

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Brett Veinotte: Why Public School Fails

In light of Harvard’s recent claims and the ongoing pandemic, it’s time we had an honest discussion on public schools and homeschooling. Brett Veinotte, host of School Sucks podcast, joins David Gornoski to discuss how public schools have failed to instill a sense of liberty and instead have imposed herd mentality on the children of our nation. Plus, David Gornoski explains how informing on your neighbor is a scapegoating recipe for totalitarianism.

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Original airdate: May 4, 2020

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Corey DeAngelis on Harvard’s Problem with Homeschooling

According to Harvard, homeschooling is a potentially “dangerous” practice that gives parents “authoritarian control” over their children. Reason Foundation’s Director of School Choice Corey DeAngelis joins David Gornoski to debunk this claim whilst providing a solid argument for homeschooling as a much more creative and abuse-free alternative as compared to the state-run public school system.

All this and more on A Neighbor’s Choice!
Original airdate: April 24, 2020

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