What’s Going on in Australia?

What’s going on in Australia with the lockdowns? A listener of the show, Luca Sujdovic, calls in from Australia to describe the situation there. What is the military doing to enforce the lockdowns? Are the protesters in Australia as rowdy as the corporate press claims? Listen to the full episode to find out. Plus, David […]

Etan Walls on Health Passports

David Gornoski begins the episode by emphasizing how we do not need to conform to binary thinking and utilize coercion to solve problems. What did Jesus accomplish on the cross on Good Friday in an anthropological sense? Listen to the episode to find out, plus Etan Walls, author of The Mega Factory of Healthcare, calls […]

Jeff Deist: A Global Prison

The Mises Institute’s Jeff Deist calls in to talk about the recent developments surrounding the introduction of health passports. How unprecedented is this introduction and would it be favorably accepted in a pure marketplace? Is total safety preferable to freedom? Why are the young in our society so fearful of this pandemic? Why is there […]