Death of Dominion

Having deconstructed the trends brought on by politicization, David Gornoski expands on the need for role models that encourage excellence through freedom and voluntary self-sacrifice. David argues that the imitation of Jesus is key to breaking away from the illusion of the toxic groupthink of our times. Why do we need to look to Jesus? What is so different about Jesus’ kingdom than that of the world? “If you want to imitate Jesus’ life, it’s going to look upside down from everybody else’s kingdom around you.”

Unification Comes Through Depoliticization

When the news media says “there’s nothing to see here,” David argues, there’s every reason to stop and see a little more. Now that the false unification of the corporate press is crumbling before our eyes, how do we unify this country? In this era of postmodernism, what narrative can we bind ourselves around? “We have to deprioritize politics as something we put our faith in.” Look towards the great innovators, David urges us, men like Nikola Tesla did not wait for the results of the election. “We have to look closer to home, under our fingertips.” Listen to the full episode of all this and more.

Welcome to the Wild West

“Welcome to the wild west of the media.” David Gornoski starts the show by urging an alliance with honest progressives to battle the neoliberal establishment and corporate fascists who are running our country into the ground. David cautions us not to take the words of the corporate press at face value while pointing out their anti-justice record when it comes to beating war drums for the state. Don’t depend on the media and the political establishment for advice on science, medicine, and nutrition, David says, and we shouldn’t listen to them for political news as well. Listen to the full episode for David’s epic takedown of the corporate media and more.

Karen Kwiatkowski: A Reflection on Foreign Policy

David Gornoski continues his assessment of the presidential election and addresses whether or not individual citizens should be held accountable for the actions of the government. Also in the show, ret. Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski joins David for a Veterans Day interview on America’s foreign policy and what President Trump can do to stop the endless wars abroad and the persecution of whistleblowers. Why have so many people voted for Biden and will they be happy when they finally get to see his policies at work? How will Biden’s foreign policy pan out? Will Biden behave like a hawk of American exceptionalism or will he pander to the globalists?

Science and U: Earth Keeps Pulsating

Dr. Weiping Yu returns to the show for another refreshing segment of Science and U. According to a recent article, the Earth is pulsating every 26 seconds but scientists still cannot explain it. Is there an explanation for this? How can we rethink things like physics and technology without politicization and coercion? The future of innovation lies in decentralization, says David Gornoski. Listen to the full episode for all this and more.

When These Things Begin

The media polls got it horribly wrong yet again! Why would anyone continue to listen to them? Why is there an unprecedented increase in voter turnout in Michigan? David Gornoski cautions us in heeding to the corporate fascism of Big Tech and the media. He highlights how universal healthcare will stamp out any chance of low-cost, non-toxic innovation in medicine. Join David Gornoski as breaks down the latest news surrounding this increasingly disputed election and more.

What the Presidential Election Means

David Gornoski continues his breakdown of this crazy, prolonged election. The host of A Neighbor’s Choice gets to the bottom of the mysterious ballots that were counted all in Biden’s favor in Michigan during the night. What can we conclude from seeing how the election is rolling out right before our eyes? “The biggest loser in this election, regardless of how you count the votes, is the corporate media.” This election has certainly laid bare the Pravda media’s unprecedented assault on the sense-making of America’s people. Why did Trump get more votes from black and Hispanic voters than any Republican since 1960? Listen to the full episode to find out and more.

“We Don’t Want a Reset, We Need to Press Start,” Assessing the 2020 Election with Curt Mills

David Gornoski starts the show by getting into a problem not unusual for many Americans going into the next week: the moral conundrum of voting. Can we shrink into the voting crowd and have politicians take the things we haven’t worked hard for? “We don’t want a ‘reset,'” David says, “we need to press start.” What are some of the prevailing myths surrounding politics and health? Join David Gornoski as he gets to the bottom of these questions and more. Plus, Curt Mills, senior reporter at the American Conservative, calls in to assess the 2020 election. Is the election looking good for Trump? How does Trump’s current position compare to him in 2016?

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Keith Weiner: What About China? Jeff Deist on the Religiosity of Election Day

Keith Weiner of Monetary Metals returns to the show to address the Biden family ties to communist China. Can we have fair and free trade deals with China? Keith argues that we are weakening our economy with our central-planning and that it would be foolish to ask for more regulations. Also, Jeff Deist of the Mises Institute joins David Gornoski to talk about the religiosity of democratic elections, revolutions as late-stage statism, postmodernism as a recipe for social unrest, the great reset, and more.

DC Film Series: Keeping the Faith in DC with John Burtka

John Burtka IV, Executive Director of The American Conservative, sits down with David Gornoski to discuss what led him from an interest in theology to politics and finally to the conservative movement. What are some of the challenges for an anti-war conservative in DC? How do we morally reconcile our support for either party with the pro-violence stances of politicians on both sides of the fence? Once we recognize the anthropological reality, how do informed Christians address the fact that the government is a religious structure with a monopoly on violence?