Decentralization Is the Future of Free Speech

David Gornoski starts the episode by commenting on the government subsidizing of vegetable and seed oils and how this has drastically increased diseases. Also in the show, David continues his analysis of the news centering around the Capitol protests and the media-alleged incitement of violence by President Trump. Will Big Tech’s censoring spree succeed? How many times have leftists called for violence against political opponents? Is violence the right way to deal with centralization? Listen to the full episode to find out and more.

Elections Have Consequences

David Gornoski starts the show with some reflection on the Georgia runoffs, the protestors’ breach of Capitol, and other news stories of the day. David once again highlights the futility of playing the binary game of politics by mentioning how politicians on both sides have mutually-shared interests in domestic tyranny and war profiteering. Join David Gornoski as he offers a devastating critique of the “MAGA vs. Dems” circus that is spiraling out of control right now while real victims are languishing in prison. Listen to the full episode for all this and more.

RNC Preview, Political Drama Obfuscation

Why is everyone, even the Republicans, obsessed with President Trump? Once we get through all the drama and superficiality, we see the people’s issues always taking the backseat in politics. “Politics distract us with personalities, but nothing changes in the status quo of our existence,” David remarks. Join David Gornoski as he analyzes some of the latest news reports from around the country. Is wearing a mask part of a new state religion? Why isn’t there a mask mandate for the VMA attendees? Why does the social justice, McWoke crowd avoid discussing Richard Spencer’s endorsement of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris? Listen to the entire episode to find out and more.