Science and U: New Solar Physics

A new type of high-frequency acoustic wave has been discovered on the Sun and it is defying expectations. What does this discovery mean? A new tentacle-like magnetic robot could navigate the lungs; how can it perform this task? Are there magnetic waves in the Earth’s core? Can galaxies exist without dark matter? Join physicist Dr. […]

Science and U: Sensing is a Magnetic Phenomenon

A Neighbor’s Choice chief science advisor Dr. Weiping Yu returns with a brand new segment of Science and U. The renowned physicist comments on a new study that provides the best evidence for a hidden layer deep within Earth’s solid inner core. Why is the structure of the Earth so important? Sr. Yu also comments […]

Tho Bishop on China, Wall Street Attacks Free Markets

Tho Bishop of joins us to discuss China’s actions and our government’s attacks against small businesses. Plus, Dr. Weiping Yu, returns for another scintillating segment of Science and U where he discusses the mysterious origins of Earth’s magnetic field and how recent geological discoveries strengthen his UON theory. All this and more on A Neighbor’s Choice! […]