THINGS HIDDEN 171: Fr. Turbo on Christian Antigravity Technology, Aliens

David Gornoski sits down with Fr. Turbo Qualls for a groundbreaking conversation on anxiety vs. revelation, asceticism vs. dominion, what it means to be a free human being, how demons intimidate people, the spirit of the antichrist, whether the aliens are demons, and more. Check out the Royal Path podcast.

THINGS HIDDEN 170: Mary’s Pondering and the Peace of Christmas

David Gornoski sits down with Gil Bailie, Jerry Bowyer, and Jason Jones for a special Christmas edition of THINGS HIDDEN. Among the topics covered are the nativity narrative in Luke chapter 2, why scripture presents history as chiastic, Mary as philosopher vs. Mary as faithful nurturer, the proclamation of peace on Earth, and more. Gil […]

Seed Oil Survival: Suzanne Alexander on Her Ancestral Diet Adventure

Suzanne Alexander returns to the show to talk about her experience of traveling through the Pacific islands. She gives us a look at what the indigenous people in these regions are eating and whether they are benefiting from their traditional diet. First, Suzanne describes the sweet potato diet of the Dani Tribe, and then she […]

Apocalypse 2023 and Beyond

As Christmas approaches, David Gornoski and Shane Kennedy get together and reflect on this year and more. How do we make sense of the failure of the elites? Is the media industry undergoing an apocalyptic phase? How can we spot the demonic plan to divide and conquer? Will the activism of Antifa save us from […]

THINGS HIDDEN 169: How Violence Undergirds Our Daily Lives with Eric Jacobus

David Gornoski sits down with Eric Jacobus, and the two talk about action designing, how military innovations revolutionize societies, the origin of language, how social media causes a linguistic war in real life, how we can defer the threat of violence, and more. Check out Eric Jacobus’ website here.

Seed Oil Survival: Winning the Seed Oil Fight with Tucker Goodrich

David Gornoski is joined by Tucker Goodrich for a fascinating episode of Seed Oil Survival. What must be done to make the market free from high PUFA products? Are trans fats worse than linoleic acid? Did Harvard just patent a dairy trans fat? What’s the best reason to stop consuming seed oils? Should we avoid […]

The Science: Robert W Malone Reveals Truth of Latest Chinese Virus Alarms

David Gornoski returns with a brand new episode of the Science. He is joined by Dr. Robert W Malone who talks about the various perspectives of what happened at Wuhan, the implications of WHO’s pandemic treaty, the British Parliament hearing on COVID vaccine adverse effects, evil in positions of power, the new Chinese virus rumors, […]

Bezos and Musk’s Race to Evacuate Us to Space, UFO Disclosure

David Gornoski and Shane Kennedy discuss Jeff Bezos’ space station plan, Elon Musk’s plan to colonize Mars, the inversion of hierarchies, order from chaos, whether governments are becoming obsolete, nationalism vs globalism, the recent UFO disclosure, and more.

How the Israel/Hamas Propaganda War Shows Triumph of Christ

David Gornoski recently appeared on the Bob Murphy Show to talk about how Christ haunts our politics, the Israel-Hamas war propaganda, and more.

THINGS HIDDEN 168: How the Truth Sets People Free

David Gornoski and Surit Dasgupta return to discuss the anthropological meaning of Jesus’ proclamation that the truth will set us free. Why are we witnessing this current upheaval in the political sphere? Why do we celebrate whistleblowers and conspiracy theorists and demand transparency from our governments? Have we learned the right lessons from the George […]