Daniel McAdams on the Silicon Bank Run, China as Peacemaker

David Gornoski sits down with Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Liberty Report for a conversation on the geopolitical effects of the ongoing Ukraine war; peace between Iran and Saudi Arabia; the emergence of China as a diplomatic power; the significance of the silicon valley bank scandal; spiritual correction in economic recession; and more. Subscribe […]

Col. Macgregor: NATO Clueless in Ukraine, Daniel McAdams on Elon’s Arrival at Twitter HQ

Col. Douglas Macgregor returns to the show to discuss the US army’s recruitment crisis, the use of extremists in foreign wars, secret influence operations against American dissidents, the “coalition of the willing” against Russia, the coming Russian offensive, and more. Also in the show, Daniel McAdams calls in to comment on Elon’s Twitter takeover and […]

Daniel McAdams on the Return of Ron Paul, DC’s America-Last Policy

[Skip past 50 minutes in the video for hour 2.] Is there any sign that DC’s strong-arm tactics are paying off? What do we make of the resurgence of Ron Paul’s ideas among conservatives of all stripes? Did Nancy Pelosi serve American interests in her visit to Taiwan? Joining David Gornoski to answer these questions […]

Jeff Deist, Daniel McAdams on Biden’s “Disinformation” Board

Jeff Deist of the Mises Institute guest hosts this episode, and he is joined by Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Institute. The two talk about the Biden administration’s new proposal to create a “Disinformation Governance Board” under DHS, the person chosen to run this board, the possible implications of creating this new statist arm, […]

Daniel McAdams on DC’s Fight to the Last Ukrainian

The Mises Institute’s Jeff Deist is joined by Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Institute for a conversation on what’s going on in Ukraine. Will the sinking of the Moskva bear any significance on the war? Listen to the full episode to find out. Plus, Aaron Kheriaty MD joins the show to discuss whether we […]

Reclaiming Medicine From the Government

Jeff Deist begins the show by commenting on the judicial decree against mask mandates in Florida. Are social security and medicare becoming unreliable? Joe Matarese, CEO of Medicus Healthcare Solutions, calls in to talk about whether the pandemic was handled properly and how we can reclaim medicine from government and third parties. Also in the […]

Biden Calls for Regime Change

The Mises Institute’s Jeff Deist starts the show by commenting on Biden’s trip to Europe. Jeff Deist is joined by the Ron Paul Institute’s  Daniel McAdams who talks about how Poland’s MiG deal fell apart, Biden’s call for regime change in Russia, how the Ukrainian conflict escalated, the permanent state of US foreign policy, and […]

Daniel McAdams on the Origins of the Ukraine War

[Video contains both hours. Skip past 45 minutes for the second hour.] Don’t nationalize the McNuggets, Jen Psaki says to Russia. Join David Gornoski as he deconstructs the corporate press’ narratives surrounding the Ukraine war and the pandemic. Also in the show, David is joined by Daniel McAdams, co-host of the Ron Paul Liberty Report, […]

Ukraine: Biden’s Iraq, Fighting Against College Drug Mandates

The Mises Institute’s Jeff Deist is joined by Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Institute and the two discuss how Ukraine might become for Biden what Iraq became for George W. Bush. Why would Russia be interested in Ukraine? Are Americans going to be roped into this coming war with Russia? Also in the show, […]

The Post-Trump Right

Jeff Deist is joined by Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Institute. McAdams discusses the Twitter suspension of Dr. Robert Malone, how alternate media has overtaken corporate press, how school closures hurt poor families, the CDC’s constant changes in policies, mass formation psychosis, and more. Also in the show, Dr. Paul Gottfried, editor in chief […]