Being Commander Dale Brown and Defeating Violence

Commander Dale Brown, founder of Detroit Threat Management Center, joins David Gornoski to give his State of the Union address before diving into a fascinating conversation on the state of safety in America, Sean Strickland, the discernment triad, de-escalating violent situations, the difference between combat sports and self-defense, going viral, and more. Check out Detroit […]

Dale Brown on Viral Videos Leaving Criminals in the Dust

[Video contains both hours. Skip past approx. 45 minutes for hour 2.] Dale Brown, founder of the Detroit Threat Management Center and Detroit Urban Survival Training, calls in for this episode to talk about his viral status on the internet. How can we handle rising crime in our neighborhood? What makes Dale Brown’s survival training […]

Future of Crime Prevention and Policing Panel: Det. John Baeza, Dale Brown, and David Gornoski

In this special roundtable discussion, David Gornoski is joined by former NYPD detective John Baeza and Dale Brown, founder of the Detroit Threat Management Center. The conversation explores some of the most important topics of our time, especially in light of George Floyd’s death, such as the prevention of crime through nonviolent means; the transformation […]

David Gornoski on Kanye West’s Presidential Platform, Dale Brown Models New Security Vision

David Gornoski comments on Kanye West’s announcement to run for president. What makes a person qualified to run for president? David reflects on this question and points us to past candidates who were deemed ‘qualified’ for the presidential role and their utter disregard for the constitution in waging wars and imposing coercive laws. Plus, Dale […]