THINGS HIDDEN 130: Mastering Our Disincarnate Era With Clinton Ignatov

Clinton Ignatov joins David Gornoski for a conversation on the impact of the printing press on the Western psyche, the emergence of individualism, how radical information technology devastates, whether people are possessed, whether current wars are a product of technological revolution, the enshrining of atomic physics, breaking out of the disincarnate world of bits, and […]

THINGS HIDDEN 89: Media Ecological Melee

In this THINGS HIDDEN episode, David Gornoski is joined by Scott Talkington and the returning Clinton Ignatov. The three talk about the overlap between the works of John Deely and Marshall McLuhan; electric universe theory; the linguistic effects of computers; the difference between nescience and ignorance; social amnesia; the meaning of Tetrad; and more. Visit […]

THINGS HIDDEN 87: The Return of McLuhan with Clinton Ignatov

David Gornoski is joined by Clinton Ignatov for a conversation on the worldview of Marshall McLuhan, why listening to a song on the radio is different from other mediums, how print media is connected to the negative effects of social media, the modern preference for irony over sincerity, whether video killed the radio star, the […]