Science and U: The Universe Is Magnetic

New research claims that eels can navigate waters with the help of the Earth’s magnetic field. “This confirms my theory,” renowned physicist Dr. Weiping Yu says. Why are human beings now taller than before? Is there a better and simpler theory that makes more sense of the universe than the flawed mainstream theory of physics […]

Science and U: Was There a Big Bang?

Dr. Weiping Yu, the chief science officer of A Neighbor’s Choice, joins David Gornoski for another exciting segment of Science and U. The physicist comments on the claim that scientists have discovered the secret of wireless charging and whether the universe was really created through a big bang. Listen to the full segment for all […]

Science and U: New Kind of Electrons

Dr. Weiping Yu returns with another segment of Science and U. The physicist starts the segment by commenting on the development of a new lightweight molecule-based magnet that exhibits unprecedented magnetic properties. “This is a confirmation,” Dr. Yu says, “every single elements–atoms and molecules–have magnetic properties.” Dr. Yu also comments on the news that scientists […]

Dr. Avi Loeb and Dr. Yu on Black Holes

 In this classic episode from May 23, 2019, David Gornoski and Dr. Weiping Yu are joined by theoretical physicist Abraham “Avi” Loeb. Dr. Yu and Dr. Avi Loeb comment on the first black hole image that was released last year. Do black holes exist? If black holes do exist, what exactly happens near the […]