The Old Media Complex Are Conspiracy Theorists

Do we “otherize the media” when we critique power? Join David Gornoski as he analyzes the latest news and topics such as the locking up of Capitol protesters; the literacy problem in places like California thanks to public schools; a toxicologist’s call to halt the distribution of COVID vaccines; the corporate press’ denial of reality […]

Reject the Government’s Fake Alternatives

David Gornoski continues his analysis of the election fallout. Conservative Inc. has more in common with the Left than you’d like to realize, David says as he highlights how Republicans like Liz Cheney target Trump for his insistence to bring the troops home. Why are many Americans being evicted from their homes? Can the government […]

End of the Priesthood

Ninety-six percent of Dominion’s employees donate to the Democrats. “The establishment isn’t interested in moving away from the partisan voting system,” David Gornoski says as he begins his analysis of the latest news surrounding this disputed presidential election. How easy is it to hack the Dominion voting software? David Gornoski highlights how, four years ago, […]

President Trump’s Pastor Darrell Scott: “It’s Not Over Yet”

Dr. Darrel Scott, joins David Gornoski to comment on President Trump’s intention to fight back against his opponents, ballot frauds, and the surprising minority turnout for Trump. David and Pastor Scott also highlight that the Left is still acting violent but Trump’s supporters, despite being angry, has not resorted to violence. Why are the Democrats […]

When These Things Begin

The media polls got it horribly wrong yet again! Why would anyone continue to listen to them? Why is there an unprecedented increase in voter turnout in Michigan? David Gornoski cautions us in heeding to the corporate fascism of Big Tech and the media. He highlights how universal healthcare will stamp out any chance of […]

What the Presidential Election Means

David Gornoski continues his breakdown of this crazy, prolonged election. The host of A Neighbor’s Choice gets to the bottom of the mysterious ballots that were counted all in Biden’s favor in Michigan during the night. What can we conclude from seeing how the election is rolling out right before our eyes? “The biggest loser […]