Narratives in a Cross-Haunted Society

What do we make of the rise of autism in children from 2017 to 2020? Why are outlets like the New York Times so effective in crafting narratives for the masses? What is Ukraine doing with the weapons that are being supplied to them by the United States? How ridiculous have places of education become […]

How Seed Oils and Glyphosate Harm Us with Stephanie Seneff, Tucker Goodrich

David Gornoski and Tucker Goodrich are joined by Stephanie Seneff, a senior research scientist at MIT. Stephanie Seneff talks about her research on Glyphosate and how it is destroying our health and environment. What is Glyphosate and why is it spreading fast in the population, giving rise to all kinds of sicknesses? What foods contain […]

The Obsession With Symbols Over Reality

Why isn’t the FBI considering Antifa as a terrorist group? Why are Dr. Seuss’s books the latest to fall victim to cancel culture? Do humans know what they are doing when they get caught up in the spirit of the crowd? Listen to the full episode as David Gornoski gets to the bottom of these […]