Trump’s Indictment, Tucker Goodrich on Seed Oils & Dementia

Skip past 50 minutes in the video for this hour. Why are fathers disparaged in the entertainment industry? What did Bill Barr say about Trump’s possible indictment? Listen to the full show to find out. Plus, Tucker Goodrich joins David Gornoski to talk about Yuval Noah Harari’s view on artificial intelligence, how vegetable oils cause […]

Violence, Identity & Freedom

[Video contains both hours. Skip past 45 minutes for hour 2.] Have we become desensitized to mass shootings? What is causing this uptick of chaotic violence? Join David Gornoski and James Kourtides as they tackle the important questions that nobody’s talking about. To what extent has artificial intelligence captured our daily lives? What greater truth […]

Sir Owen Analyzes Build Back Better

David Gornoski digs deep into past mainstream media reports of Big Pharma’s illegal activities, the same Big Pharma corporations that are now manufacturing the COVID vaccines to the same media’s delight. Plus, David Gornoski is joined by frequent guest and geopolitical analyst Sir Owen who highlights that now the entire corporate press is singing from […]