THINGS HIDDEN 98: Mimetic Desire and the Sign of Jonah with Anthony Bartlett

David Gornoski sits down with Anthony Bartlett, author of the book Theology Beyond Metaphysics, for a conversation on approaching semiotics through the work of Rene Girard, how to approach violent passages in the Old Testament, why the Gospel will heal violence in the animal kingdom, why Jesus’ self-sacrifice was so scandalous to the ancient world, […]

THINGS HIDDEN 47: Christ Beyond Metaphysics with Anthony Bartlett

In this brand new THINGS HIDDEN conversation, David Gornoski is joined by Anthony Bartlett who talks about his new book Theology Beyond Metaphysics. Why do we need a theology beyond metaphysics? How is the Christian Logos radically different from its Greek predecessor? Is the world capable of critiquing violence without Christianity? Why does the old […]