Protecting Election Integrity in Counties, Trump Goes Ballistic on DeSantis

Steve Maxwell, founder of CCDF (County Citizens Defending Freedom), joins David Gornoski for a discussion about maintaining election integrity at the local level. What can be done to preserve liberty in DeSantis-led Florida? How can we protect school choice? Listen to the show to find out. Plus, David comments on the current state of Ghislaine […]

Science and U: Stars Challenge Newton’s Law

Skip past 1 hour 14 minutes in the video for this segment.  Dr. Weiping Yu returns with a refreshing segment of Science and U. The physicist comments on how the magnetic aspect of black holes is finally being explored, how magnetism helps explain Earth’s rotation, how a new discovery in the stars challenges Newton’s […]

Tho Bishop on Why Unmarried Women Voted Overwhelmingly for Democrats

Skip past 50 minutes in the video for this segment.  Tho Bishop of the Mises Institute joins the show to comment on the fallout of the midterm in Florida; Arizona’s snail-like counting of votes; whether Blake Masters and Kari Lake can pull through; why unmarried women voted overwhelmingly for the Democrats; turning abortion into […]

Can America Fix the Printer Settings in Arizona?

 How long does it take to count votes in Arizona? When is Trump going to take responsibility for Dr. Oz’s failure? Join David Gornoski as he analyzes what’s going on in Arizona and the dynamics of the two parties bearing many similarities to a pro-wrestling feud. How can Republicans initiate some real change in […]

Seed Oil Survival: Tucker on Inflammation

Tucker Goodrich brings us a brand new segment of Seed Oil Survival and this time he talks about the connection between Omega 6 and inflammation. Why do our bodies react negatively to rancid seed oils? How can we burn off the toxins that accumulate from seed oil consumption? Check out Tucker’s blog here.

The Democrat Normalization of Banana Republic

Skip past 30 minutes in the video for this segment. David Gornoski gives us a glimpse of what went on behind the scenes with regard to Blake Masters’ race in Arizona. Joining David to comment on the Florida wipeout is James Kourtides who highlights the Democrats’ soviet-style rule over their states and DC. How would […]

David Gornoski & Jason Jones Talk Midterms Fallout

Are we living up to the standard of being a shining hope of democracy to the world right now? Jason Jones joins the show to talk about the midterms, how the pro-life movement is shaping up right now, whether Democrats are getting frustrated with their elected leaders, DeSantis’ win in Florida, and more.

THINGS HIDDEN 92: Marc Victor on His Blake Masters Endorsement, Live and Let Live Movement

 David Gornoski sits down with Marc Victor, podcaster and politician-attorney in the Libertarian Party. The two discuss David’s criticism of Marc’s comments on age of consent in the Senate debate, the principle of “Live and Let Live,” criminal justice reforms, whether the liberty movement can be co-opted by globalism, the Christian root of secularism, […]

Anthony Sabatini on Trump vs DeSantis, Florida’s Fake Conservatives

Skip past 50 minutes in the video for this segment. David Gornoski starts off the show with a clip of Kari Lake speaking about the “tabulator malfunctions” in Maricopa County. What do we make of Trump’s comments about Ron DeSantis? How can we creatively lift up Florida? Joining David to comment on the general sentiment […]

Col. Macgregor: From Midterms to Ukraine & Germany, James Howard Kunstler on Techno Narcissism

David Gornoski is joined by Col. Douglas Macgregor for a conversation on how the outcome of the midterms might affect the Ukraine war. Will Republicans ask the hard questions about Ukraine? Can we expect Zelenskyy to come to the negotiating table anytime soon? Can Germany break away from being a vassal state of the US? […]