Steve Bannon Goes to Prison, Why Power Politics is DYING

Why is it futile to engage in power politics? David Gornoski answers this question and talks about Steve Bannon’s arrest, how Christ-hauntedness drives culture, how evil can be overcome, the stupidity of online influencing, and more.

TRUMP: Is He Guilty? Lies Your Liberal Teacher Told You w/ Wilfred Reilly

David Gornoski sits down with Kentucky University Professor Wilfred Reilly to talk about the hostility to WNBA’s Caitlin Clark, the impact of Trump’s conviction, Reilly’s upcoming book “Lies My Liberal Teacher Told Me,” religion as a binding agent, low testosterone, and more. Buy Prof. Reilly’s book here.

The Science: Peter McCullough MD Exposes Disease X Bird Flu Agenda

David Gornoski is joined by the returning Dr. Peter McCullough for an exciting episode of the Science. Are we facing a bird flu outbreak? Will Fauci and Co face any accountability? Why did the WHO treaty fail? Listen to the full show to find out. Visit Dr McCullough’s Substack here.

The Total State and its Holy Ghost Undoing w/ Auron Macintyre

Auron Macintyre, author of The Total State: How Liberal Democracies Become Tyrannies, joins the show to talk about what’s wrong with mainstream conservatism, the underdog energy of Trump, whether history is cyclical, the reigning pseudo-gnostic worldview, the Christ-hauntedness of Trump’s trial, what “loving your enemies” looks like, and more. Buy The Total State here.

Seed Oil Survival: Are PUFAs Essential? Sugar vs Starch, Thoughts on Ray Peat with Tucker Goodrich

Tucker Goodrich returns to the show to look back at the Ray Peat bioenergetic paradigm while also addressing PUFA damage, qualms about Keto diet, whether Omega 6 should be avoided, sugar vs starch, and more. Read Tucker’s Substack here.

Trump at the Libertarian Party Convention – My Thoughts

David Gornoski breaks down Trump’s presence at the Libertarian Party Convention and the state of libertarianism in America. Is libertarianism the closest philosophy to Christianity? What do libertarians lack when it comes to anthropology?

Imprisoning Trump Destroys the Prison State

David Gornoski connects the anthropology of the Cornerstone Effect with the current administration’s persecution of Donald Trump. Why is prison the best thing that could happen to Trump right now? Does the Left worship Trump? Listen to the full show to find out.

Ozempic Does What to Your Body? w/ Dr. Carrie Berkovich

David Gornoski sits down with Dr. Carrie Berkovich for a discussion on the dangers of Ozempic and how we can reverse its damage. Is there a possibility of getting skin cancer from exposure to the sun? Are venoms in medicine good for us? Why do our livers function at only twenty percent on a good […]

Meeting the Masai with Chief Ole Tendeu and Suzanne Alexander

David Gornoski is joined by Suzanne Alexander and Masai Chief Ole Tendeu for a fascinating conversation on Masai culture, their politics, religion, diet, exposure to the outside world, and more. Follow Suzanne on Instagram here.

David Gornoski Sings “New York” (Tribute to Osamu Nishimura)

“I had the opportunity to be the special guest announcer for Dory Funk Jr’s latest wrestling show dedicated to his tag team partner and Bang TV world champion Osamu Nishimura who is battling illness. I opened the show with a rendition of Nishimura’s favorite song ‘New York, New York’ to encourage his swift recovery and […]