Myths, Entrepreneurship & Creativity

Ford Seeuws, the Surfing Violinist, guest hosts this episode of A Neighbor’s Choice. Ford starts the show with some reflection on a passage from the Gospel of Matthew. Ford is joined by Brett Lindell, CEO of Pantheon Holdings, and the two discuss the lessons we can learn from ancient myths, the influence of Jordan Peterson, […]

Fauci and the Ideological Capture of Science

Jim Babka is joined by Max Borders, the author of the Social Singularity, who calls in to discuss the validity of the drug mandates; whether drug mandates are directed by ideology rather than scientific study; Fauci and the Wuhan lab leak; Moderna’s connection to the government; the scapegoating of the drug mandate rejectors; the targeting […]

The Truth Behind the World Wars, American Interventionism

In this episode, Jim Babka of Downsize DC guest hosts the show and he is joined by Perry Willis, contributor for the Zero Aggression Project. Jim and Perry talk about the bad aspects behind Veteran’s Day; whether any of the modern wars involving the US are justified; why many nations sided with the Soviet Union […]

The Kyle Rittenhouse Trial, Great Reset

In this episode, John Zmirak calls in to give us the latest updates in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. Has this trial exposed the mainstream media as a scapegoating machine? Also in the show, David Gornoski is joined by Professor Michael Rectenwald who talks about prediction and planning of the Great Reset. Plus, Tucker Goodrich joins […]

Tyranny Through QR Codes

David Gornoski is joined by returning guest Randall Evans from Australia who updates us on the frightening concept of government utilizing QR codes for movement and basic facilities. How can we survive spiritually in this time of growing totalitarianism? Is segregation making a return? How are the green passes affecting daily life in Italy? What […]

Sweden Proves the Naysayers Wrong

What’s happening in Germany and Sweden with regards to the drug mandates? Was Sweden’s approach to the pandemic successful? Join David Gornoski as he analyzes these topics. Also in the show, David is joined by Jerry Bowyer, editor at Townhall Finance. Is MSNBC correct in saying that inflation is a good thing? Do economic bubbles […]

The Spiritual Consequences of the Drug Mandates

In this episode, David Gornoski is joined by James Kourtides of the Rooster’s Crow podcast. What are the spiritual ramifications of the drug mandate? Why are many people putting up with this current tyranny? What’s going on in Russia with the health passports? Also in the show, Kerry McDonald, author of Unschooled: Raising Curious, calls […]

Fighting Tyranny With Self Sacrifice

David Gornoski starts the episode with an analysis of the aggressive drug mandate campaign towards kids. Why did some members of the GOP help Biden pass the infrastructure bill? Do children warrant a drug mandate as per the scientific data? Should we abandon beef as the central planners suggest we do? Join David as he […]

How Dr. Seuss Unravels Scapegoating, Parents Fight Back

What is happening with Biden’s drug mandate in the US supreme court? Is Russia really a bastion of safety from globalist tyranny? How does Dr. Seuss help us see the futility of scapegoating? Join David Gornoski as he talks about these topics. David is joined by Corey DeAngelis, the director of school choice at Reason […]

Rand Paul vs Fauci Battle Royale

Special guest host Morgan Streetman comments on the latest battle royale between Rand Paul and Fauci; the NIH’s changing of the definition of gain-of-function research; the horrific beagle torture experiments run by Fauci, the development of China’s hypersonic nuclear missiles; the scapegoat ritual of the Old Testament and what this reveals for us today; the […]