Prof. Wilfred Reilly on the January 6 Commission

David Gornoski begins the episode by highlighting how many Democrats and Republicans like Nancy Pelosi and Liz Cheney share the same pro-war, statist philosophy. David also comments on the Leftist bullying that goes on in the literary world as illustrated with what happened to Abigail Shrier. Plus, Professor Wilfred Reilly, author of Taboo, calls in to […]

Back the Blue Goes Where?

How wrong can the mainstream media be on virtually everything they come across? Are we progressing towards peace despite the rampant groupthink visible in our society? Join David Gornoski as he addresses these questions. David is also joined by Kerry Baldwin, writer at Mere Liberty, who calls in to talk about vaccine passports, the Christian […]

Bilk Back Better

David Gornoski recounts how a scientific paper recently confirmed what he and Tucker Goodrich has been saying about vegetable oils and COVID. The TV media is training us to be brute savages, David says as he highlights how Ashli Babbitt’s killing is being airbrushed out of history. Did Russia hack the pipeline system? Why is […]