Rep. Ben Adams on Afghanistan Fallout

David Gornoski starts the episode by commenting on the withdrawal from Afghanistan and what the Military-Industrial Complex achieved there during twenty years. Plus, David is joined by Afghanistan war veteran and Idaho Rep. Ben Adams who calls in to talk about his combat experience in Afghanistan; why the country fell so rapidly to the Taliban; […]

Veteran Ben Adams on Endless Wars, Keith Weiner Takes on Keynes

Marines veteran Ben Adams joins David Gornoski to talk about the foreign policy stances espoused by President Trump as opposed to the Democratic party. Why do Democrats like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have double standards on people of color when it comes to their actions in countries like Libya and Syria? What’s the situation […]

Marine Veteran Ben Adams: Bring Our Troops Home

Afghanistan war veteran Ben Adams calls in from Idaho, where he’s running for state office, to discuss his political race and how we can bring our troops home. The former marine talks about the obstacles President Trump faces today in pulling troops out of Afghanistan and the lessons he learned from time spent in the […]